How often will I receive updates?

faq1To maximize the level of care and efficiency of service, your pet will receive a thorough physical examination and will be discussed in hospital rounds each morning between 8am – 9am. Doctors will do their best to call you with an update after morning rounds. If you do not hear from a staff veterinarian by 11am, please feel free to call for an update.

To prevent miscommunication, we prefer to speak with one person (preferably the owner) about the care of your pet. Please designate a contact person and indicate that person’s phone number(s) where he/she can be reached. It is our policy to update you on a daily basis on the progress of your pet. Sometimes incoming calls may require leaving a message. This is because the doctors and staff are providing care to patients and are unable to be interrupted at that time. Calls are returned at the earliest opportunity. If your call is an emergency, please indicate this to the receptionist and the message will be forwarded immediately.

Can I visit my pet?

We encourage clients to visit their hospitalized pets during our scheduled visiting hours. In order to ensure that your pet rests with the least amount of interruption during their treatment protocol, we would like to limit your visit to no more than one-half hour per day during scheduled visiting hours. Visiting hours are from 12:00pm – 8:00pm. If you are unable to visit your pet during our scheduled visiting hours, please speak to your doctor to arrange a convenient time. Our doctors will do their best to meet with you during your visit; however, if your doctor is not able to meet with you during your visit, please call later in the day when he or she may have more time to answer all your questions.

Visiting time will be restricted when visiting in our ICU area. We feel it is very important that your pet recover from surgery and anesthesia without disruptions; therefore, we do not recommend that you visit your pet on the same day surgery is performed.

What time are patients discharged?

All hospitalized patients receive detailed physical examinations and are discussed in hospital rounds each morning. The doctors will determine at that time whether your pet can be discharged to go home and will contact you prior to discharge. Patient discharge is on a case-by-case basis.