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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to care for your pet. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about your pet’s health. Below is some important information.

Referral Appointments

IMG_8127Please call us between 7am and 11pm to set up your appointment. We will take general information over the phone and set up the appointment, and then we will contact your regular veterinarian to get whatever information and records we may need to treat your pet. If your vet has given you any materials to bring with you (such as x-rays), please be sure to remember them when you come to CCVS.

After we have examined your pet, we will fax a letter to your veterinarian so that he or she is updated with your pet’s medical condition. Our specialists also consult with your veterinarian by phone as needed throughout the course of your pets’ treatment.


Typically, your first visit to CCVS will be a consultation with one of our specialists, which consists of a physical examination, a review of your pet’s medical history and a discussion of diagnostic and treatment options that best address your pet’s medical condition. If medically necessary, the doctor may opt to perform any required procedures right away, but more likely will have you schedule a follow-up visit to perform the procedures and treatments your pet needs.

To insure the best care possible, please take the time to fill out the registration  form completely. Thank you!

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Payment Policy

dischargeThe cost of your pet’s care can raise concerns or questions. Due to the technical nature of some conditions it is not always possible to accurately predict the outcome and associated costs. Initially, you are given an estimate to cover the first part of your pet’s stay in our hospital. If your pet’s condition changes and requires additional tests or treatments not covered under the initial estimate, you are contacted as soon as possible unless steps are considered necessary for life saving measures. A guarantee of the final cost cannot be given to you.

Please discuss any concerns with us before treatment begins in order to minimize any misunderstandings. Methods of payment include: cash, check, VISA, Master Card, debit ATM card, and Care Credit (medical credit card).

A 75% deposit is due at the time of hospital admission for all pets and the remaining balance is due in full on discharge of your pet. Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists is not able to offer billing or payment plans.

Please do not hesitate to ask the receptionist for details on CareCredit.

We value your opinion and our goal is to constantly improve our facility and maintain a compassionate and professional environment. Please complete the survey below regarding your most recent visit.