Charitable Donation Information

boarding1The Sampson Fund for Veterinary Care, Inc., a non-profit organization serving Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, provides financial assistance to help sick or injured cats and dogs that need critical veterinary care too costly for the animals’ owners to bear alone. The Fund also pays for the veterinary care of sick and injured strays. The Sampson Fund provides its assistance through a number of affiliated veterinary hospitals and clinics on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. The Sampson Fund makes every effort to ensure that no sick or injured companion animal will be denied needed veterinary care or euthanized due solely to the owner’s lack of resources. The Fund was established in 1986 and is registered as a tax exempt charitable organization under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Sampson Fund is financed by membership dues and contributions from people who are concerned about the health and welfare of companion animals.

The Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists (CCVS) is a Sampson Fund affiliated veterinary hospital. As such, the Sampson Fund works closely with CCVS to provide financial aid to qualified individuals whose companion animals need critical or emergency treatment which such individuals simply cannot afford. Donations to the Sampson Fund enable CCVS provide this treatment.

Donations to the Sampson Fund can be earmarked for use by CCVS to help its clients who qualify for needed monetary assistance and otherwise meet the Sampson Fund requirements. In addition to general charitable donations, pet lovers can donate to the Sampson Fund and CCVS in another thoughtful way. For a minimum donation of $100, one can dedicate a brass “leaf” on CCVS’ “Tree of Remembrance” in memory of a beloved animal. This is a wonderful and long-lasting way to honor the love and loyalty of a very important family member who has passed on. The Tree is displayed prominently on a wall in the CCVS facility lobby. Donations to the Sampson Fund for the Tree of Remembrance are for CCVS’ account within the Fund.

All donations by persons interested in helping less fortunate companion animal owners should be made out to “The Sampson Fund”. General donations intended specifically for CCVS’ account within the Sampson Fund should either be submit with the Charitable Donation Form available below, indicated in a cover letter and/or noted on the bottom left corner of any check. All donations will be gratefully acknowledged by letter and receipt. Any and all donations are deeply appreciated by The Sampson Fund and CCVS. Helping animals in need of rehabilitative and life-saving veterinary care is both our missions. Thank you for helping us accomplish that most worthwhile goal.